I help people connect authentically with themselves and others, through songwriting.

For most, working today means performing at such a rapid, distracted pace that we are generally out of touch with our emotions and our bodies’ natural rhythms. To be truly ready for the next new idea or unbelievable timeline, we need space to exercise the power of creative relationship through our shared rhythms. Cue the music.

Optimize your team’s productivity and focus.

Participants in my songwriting as team-building workshops are playfully and gently inspired to define their shared stories, appreciate their co-creation of those stories, and actively experience music as the most powerful vehicle to feel the value of their connections. My songwriting workshops help you:

  • Motivate, inspire and unite your team
  • Address conflict creatively
  • Align individual performance with company goals
  • Build resilience through increased awareness of the stories we tell ourselves
  • Practice iterative collaboration
  • Promote work-life balance through experiential play
  • Foster team pride and sense of ownership

Why songwriting?

“Words make you think a thought. Music makes you feel a feeling. A song makes you feel a thought.” -E.Y. Harburg

Through music we can effortlessly access our emotions and natural rhythms. Music is scientifically proven to alter our mood and affect our heart rate. Most importantly, it connects us to one another.  When music and storytelling are combined, not only do we appreciate new ideas and perspectives, but we can authentically share our feelings about those ideas with others.

Why me?

My lifetime journey as a songwriter, performing artist and teaching artist has been supported by my ‘right-brain’ career managing successful global corporate marketing campaigns that create memorable human connections and nurture loyal customers. 

I have toured the nation as a musician and teaching artist and have spent equal time delivering corporate executive presentations, leading team trainings, and facilitating employee engagement forums. 

My evolution as an artist and business professional revealed my songwriting approach to be a highly valuable practice for individuals and teams seeking greater balance, productivity and inspiration in their product development, team collaboration and employee engagement efforts.

My workshops are made to order.

Class length, format and theme are flexible to suit the specific needs of your business. I look forward to learning about your particular challenges and how I can help your team find their new soundtrack for success. Fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch right away.  Rock on.