[Excerpt from performance at the Family Affair – Seattle, WA, July 20, 2016]:

Seven generations: Native American and many other cultures believe that we are playing out stories and traumas that originated with our ancestors up to seven generations ago.
I didn’t know that when I wrote this song I’m going to sing for you now: The Ladybug.
I wrote it because I was trying to understand this darkness I could not shake.
But since I’ve learned about the seven generations concept, and really explored it, I have come to realize that what our ancestors most want is for us to be happy and fulfilled, so we don’t waste our lives wondering and wondering:

What is it between us, who’s there
Is there anybody there
Let’s smash the ashes and crash our old car
Let’s break the rules and smoke at the bar
Oh, Who’s talking to you
That I can’t hear
Can’t we sleep without that tonight
Let us finally kill this fright
That makes us freeze, don’t forget to say please
It’s been so long, it always feels wrong
And when I say your name, I can’t help but blame
myself for taking too long, so many things that went wrong

We’re all just trying so hard to succeed
How many times have I watched you bleed
Oh wait for me, wait, don’t leave me behind
Another like me you’ll never find
I’ll give all my money to my own Daddy
before I think of the tax they made off of all of our backs
And when I finally came through they said I was past due
and they took my last shoe and you can blame me for coming unglued

A nice Sunday brunch, take a break for a while
Lie down on the cold blue tile
What is it between us, who’s there, is there anybody there
So fly away, fly away, fly away home
I can’t forget the way that it shone
On everybody but little old me
Every last person but me
Oh let’s smash the ashes, and crash our old car
Let’s break the rules and smoke at the bar
And kill seven men before noon
Or maybe it’s just the full moon

Julia Francis Copyright No Shrinking Violet 2008