Coming of age as a theater artist and vocalist in Seattle, Washington, I gained my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater at Cornish College of the Arts. I co-founded City3 Theater with a merry band of fellow graduates and together we launched multiple productions and new play festivals.

I developed an acting career over the next 10 years across many Seattle theaters. I originated the role of Big Momma Bob in Wayne Rawley’s wildly popular serial ‘Money and Run’. I joined director Sheila Daniels in her Theater Schmeater Northwest premier production of Naomi Iizuka’s ‘Language of Angels’, and I starred as Russian revolutionary Vera Zasulich in Chris Jeffries’ world premiere musical, ‘Vera Wilde’ at the Empty Space Theater with director Allison Narver. My last theater project was touring the nation as environmental activist Rachel Carson in Robin Holcomb’s ‘O Say a Sunset’ under direction of House of Dames’ Nikki Appino.

In 2003 I stepped away from the theater to realize a lifelong dream of being a recording artist. Fifteen years, two albums and one child later, I am finding the theater is calling me once again…

In the words of others…

“Big-voiced Julia Francis plays Vera Zasulich with just the right amount of willful pluck and wide-eyed political optimism.”
Seattle Weekly

“One of the reliable pleasures of the fringe scene, actor Julia Francis recently stole the show vocalizing in Annex’s ‘The Changeling’. She has just completed a novel, Victory Garden, and is branching out as lead singer in a new band, StarHole67.”
The Stranger

“Julia so obviously loves playing the overblown villain Big Momma Bob (a kind of Southern Ruth Buzzi on crack) that she alone makes the show worth seeing. ”
The Stranger

“As Clovis, Julia Francis was a woman of rare intelligence and sensitivity . This was a solid, well-crafted performance that became the axis for the entire production.”
Aisle Say