“Interesting voice, it’s almost conversational. But then it goes all PJ Harvey on me.”
Collected Sounds, May, 2008

Lucky Penny


10 original songs seeded in Seattle and fully realized in Milwaukee are joined by an intimate cover of John Lennon’s Instant Karma.

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Five Challenges to Flight

The debut is a mix of driving rock confessions, country-infused lullabies, and inspirational folk anthems through one unique voice.

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The Attic

Lots of songs are always marinating in The Attic; here are just a few works in progress.

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What others are saying…

“Vocal delivery is spicy and tasty.”
Obsession Collection, May 2008

“The songs on Lucky Penny put you in a unique position to be saved by emotional complexity – and not just have spent pop music by the dollar. Melody and rhythm are catchy and expert. It is hard to combine these two attributes. We have the authentic combination on this new Julia Francis album.”
Dr. Martin Jack Rosenblum, Music History And Literature Professor at UWM

“All the great singers hold up the story and make you feel like it isn’t singing at all but rather sharing a secret with you. Julia does that in her sleep.”
Mike Hoffmann, Producer

“‘Cookin’ With Gas’ is a funky song with a great chorus. Francis really shines here. Her album is just great.”, September 2008

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