Seattle-based artist, Julia Francis, is a one-woman show. Whether you’ve left your domicile’s confines to hear a musical number or a bit of verse, see a drama play out on stage or watch as a transformation appears simply before your own eyes, Francis provides. Hers is a rich artfulness rife with entrees and side dishes, cutlery and coffee to cleanse the palate.

A teacher, singer-songwriter, and performing theater artist, Francis swings with pendulum heft and pinpoint precision between creative personas. Want a sultry song about one hot summer night? She has a few. Want a screeching verse shot into the banshee bliss? She’s prepared. Want a song about sugar? You won’t even need to put a dollar in the tip jar. Francis is fearless and ferocious in her approach.

Born in California, Francis has traveled the country. With a mind filled with fantasy and a tongue sharpened with myriad conversation, the artist muses on ideas of death before breakfast and concludes an evening alone with a book of sonic spells at night. A graduate of Cornish College of the Arts, Francis has graced stages as both actor and singer. She’s written a novel and published prose. She’s a mother. She fronts the Emerald City-based band, The Secrets of Soul. And she’s achieving each new act in her story, daily and proudly.

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